A film with a pretty basic script, showing a girl with amazing physical strength who unfortunately falls in the scenario amongst some corrupt policemen, has totally gone for a toss.

While the first half of Akira keeps you on your toes, the second half is when the story loses its plot. The drama escalates and there are plot twists galore.
Akira gets into a messy situation early on and is send to a children’s reprimand home for a couple of years. As she grows up, now fatherless, she moves to Mumbai with her mother, to stay with her elder brother. And things begin to happen. She starts a new college, probably hoping for a fresh start. But, not only does she get into the bad books of the college bully, but also manages to get involved in this massive situation involving the Mumbai Police.
Thereafter, the movie focuses on how she struggles to prove her innocence, one ‘Akira’ style slap at a time.

Based in Jodhpur and Mumbai, the film by AR Murugadoss is quite pacy with some good performances but overall comes out to be a mediocre film. Dialogues and the climax, will irritate you to the core.

The reason I went to watch the film was Anurag Kashyap. Playing the role of a corrupt cold hearted police officer, Kashyap nailed it. A class apart performance. Expressions, dialogue delivery, appearance, everything was A1. Probably the only good part of the film.

Akira is not for those who want some intellectual stimulation and feel the need to leave a cinema hall with morals and values. This is one helluva bone crunching, high energy drama, with just the right tinge of laughs.

Eltrivate rates it 2 out of 5.



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