Social networking sites like MySpace, Friendster, and Face book have literally exploded in popularity in just a few short years.

Since the time Mark Zuckerberg started with “Face book”, world has taken a 360complete turn. Its just not the young generation who is awed by the technology but the parents and grandparents have also joined these social networking sites to be in contact with their kids or grand kids.

These social networking sites used to be a way to find long lost friends and to be in touch with the relatives who live far off. But in today’s superficial world being a part of social networking sites no more acts like a connecting medium but is a status symbol for all.

The addiction to social networking sites is surely posing a threat to real relationships.

Technology has shrunk the world but the gap between the relations has increased. People today are busy being artificial in front of their online friends than being real in front of their family. A 16 yr old is not willing to have dinner with his family as he is chatting online with a friend he has not met in ages. And even if he has joined them for dinner he is busy clicking buttons on his mobile checking his notifications or chatting on face book. The children now-a-days are busy clicking photos for profile pictures, setting locations and updating statuses while on a family outing. The parents have an antagonistic approach towards this behavior of their children.

Clearly the young generation is addicted. And what used to be “PSP breaks” are now “social media breaks”. There are now less conversations between family members and more status sharing between online friends. But a very few people realize their mistake of neglecting their families soon enough correct themselves.

Its all on the individual now, if he/she wants to be with his family or his online friends. Ones family would always be there no matter how good or bad a situation is but your friends specially the online ones cannot guaranteed for the same…



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