I had promised her ‘forever’ but we DRIFTED apart in the blink of an eye. From thousands of ‘I love you(s)’ a day, we fell down to meagre formal terms. ‘You’re not this hair, not this skin, not even the soul WITHIN’ said she and I withdrew. I gave up in 5 seconds, I was hurt.

We had been BATTLING for a little over 4 months now and my heart felt punctured. Scattered thoughts occupied my mind. I was taken aback as thoughts of betrayal triggered my mind. I tried to chuck out my ego and rekindle the affection I’ve always had for her but I botched, TERRIBLY. I thought I shouldn’t try winning her back, as she was gleed in her tiny universe, her colorful and bright world FULL of friends and brimming with work. I thought she didn’t NEED ME and it was easy for her to let go off our 4 years of beautiful friendship.

We would go places and get clicked, try out new eateries and speak over the phone for hours without break. One text from her and I’d be there at her door to support when she’s blue and when I needed her presence, she would fight the world to crash at my feet. We had witnessed each other’s ugliest faces; the tear dripping face, the red angry face and also the oil painted face. We were the PERFECT besties until I took the mistaken path and started ignoring her. Until I started showcasing MY bitter and mean self to her.

No, it wasn’t her; it was ME. I realized soon. I broke her to irreparable pieces and knowing that, I STILL didn’t take the first step towards rekindling US. We went a month without conversing or seeing each other. I walked out on her for no mistake of hers, I took away her ONLY friend from her, yes; I KILLED US.

She initiated a conversation once and yes, I STILL had the guts to speak to her in the harshest possible manner. I didn’t know what was wrong with ME but soon, I hated who I had turned into. I wanted her back, but I couldn’t be who I was; it was like a magic spell was cast on ME tearing us apart each second.

It was beautiful though, how she never gave UP until she won ME back. She clung to ME, yes she did. She called me up a 1000 times, came to see ME 100 times, took me out another 10 times and put down ALL that she felt that ONE DAY.

She was never an expressive person, no she could never pen down how she felt for me but action wise, she treated ME like a princess. I always FAILED to see it and claimed that I was a BETTER friend, I claimed that I loved her more than she did. I wasn’t right though, it was her, ALWAYS her who made US work, I was NEVER a good friend, I was always immature inside and today I wanted to utilize this platform to make it up to her and let the world know that no matter how expressive you are and no matter how inexpressive your best friend is, you NEED to know that actions speak louder than words. Make sure your promises aren’t EMPTY LIKE MINE, make sure your love is unconditional and can sustain ALL weathers. Make sure you don’t lose your GEM like I almost did.




Actions Speak Louder Than Words
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