Without the “father figure” boys go wild, where on the other hand girls are not much affected in a negative manner, instead they end up growing strong, bold and independent. Boys, especially the adolescent boys turn delinquent if they do not have a father image in their lives. They feel incomplete and lonely in the world, which results in a lack of self confidence and insecurity. Father figure generates a presence of a male role in a youth’s life by influencing the preferences of values and attitudes, while giving them a sense of security and protection. A father boosts the self-esteem in a boy’s life, as he gets an image to imitate and be like. The presence of a father builds a preventive effect by keeping a check of the risk-taking activities and deviant behavior the male youth is engaged in.

According to Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual Development of an individual, the stages of development can be divided into five. He stated that a child’s development is completed by the age of puberty and all favorable conditions are must during these ages. As per his description, the third stage of Psychosexual Development is the PHALLIC STAGE, which comes when the child turns 6 and goes on till puberty. In this stage the erogenous zone is the “genital”. During this stage, the child gets attracted to the opposite sex parent and imitates the same sex parent to build an impression on the other sex parent. The child with no same sex parent finds it difficult to imitate and end up in solidarity. Such children also lose a lot of confidence and keep themselves away from the children of their age. It later also effects their future, as do not have any idea how to react in a given situation and so indulge themselves in wrong company.

Based on this study and many more, it is always suggested to keep the boys near their fathers and a friendly relationship with them is a necessary for their upcoming life. Many fathers act strict and create a gap between himself and his son but this leads to a corrupt equation and misunderstanding, where on other hand if the equation is healthy the effect is positive. Those who have lost a father figure should always be kept near their elder brothers or uncles who can help them in creating an idea of their responsibilities in their heads. A father figure is necessary for the boys.



Absence of a Father Figure
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