Students of class 10th and 12th are having sleepless nights in anticipation of the deadly board exam results. Board exam is the first hurdle of every student’s life. It marks the coming of age of a school student into an adult. An entry into the rat-race, boards is the stepping stones of every student’s career.

Now here comes the real deal. Irrespective of what you score always remember this is a chance where you can actually score big in life. This is the phase when you may realise the subjects you were always trying to give your best to wasn’t at all meant for you. Even if you score well I have seen a plenty of friends realise later in their live that they wanted to do something else but then it was too late.

Here I’ll share my personal experience with you after class X, I did not want to take up Science and was pretty clear about that but what do I take up was the real confusion specially when majority members of your family members are from Science stream. So basically you don’t even have somebody to guide you through all this. Being an impulsive decision maker I took up Commerce with Maths. Did not do very well in my class Xii board exams.

At first my usual reaction was obviously that I has disheartened. There were a lot of negative thoughts that crossed my mind. The day I went to the school to collect my mark sheet and a thing on that mark sheet that caught my eyes was my English grades. That is something that made me realise that I had loved English since forever.

The next thing I did was that spoke to my parents about this….
Their instant reaction was English Honours but I nodded in disagreement. I loved English Literature but not as much as English Language where I could play with word.
So, I told them that I wanted to do Journalism.

Today, I am almost ready to step out in the field of journalism and I know I made a good decision in time. Your class 10 or 12 results may be a concern for you but remember this is the first step towards life…checks yourself now before it’s too late.

All The Best Class X’s and Xii’s for your results.



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Aparna Deb

I love people who get their fiction & Bollywood allusions right, but apart from that, I am a relatively normal person with happy feet attracting good vibes from everyone I meet. Loves reading Non-Fiction.

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