Just like a free flowing water body glistens when the sun shines on it,
A mother enhances the personality of her kid.


A treasure trove of knowledge, she imparts her values to the children of God.

Bearing the baby in her womb for 9 months ,where she undergoes a plethora of emotions and changes,

Yet, her love for you never ranges.


Epitome of selflessness,
At every step, she has compromised just to keep you, her child, always out of mess.
Even when you feel you’re losing it all,
Her one hug can be enough to keep you going,
She’ll forever be there like a rock solid wall.


She may shout and she may doubt,

That is because she wants you to be as disciplined as a scout.



Someone who shall always forget her own heartache because you are unwell,

And would leave no stone unturned to bless you with the best.

With a telepathic power so strong,

She would know your needs and wants even before it could strike you.


Like a juggler, she shuffles between her various roles, so perfectly,

Keeping the job of motherhood as the priority eternally.

A thankless duty, a never-ending role,

She will love you more than her soul.


A mother’s tenderness definitely makes this world a better place to live in.

Thank you Moms for your unconditional love and support. You all truly prove that not all superheroes wear capes 😉



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Twinkle Bhatia

I happen to be an enthusiastic learner and a very fun loving person. Extremely ambivert and moody. Living in this unbalanced world with the motive to inspire someone,somewhere. I love to read fictional novels in my idle time. Listening to music and spreading smiles across people's faces is what soothes me. I'm a very philosophical person and love to give my own insights to everything. Just like any other eighteen year old teenager , I am a social media buff ,too and am attached to my phone all the time. With a flair for writing ,I hope to convey my imagination to a lot of people. Simplicity and diligence are the two adjectives that I believe define me the best.

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