It is always a challenge for people to identify their own potential at times. Some are overly critical about themselves and other are over confident about themselves. One obviously be neither of these things to be successful in life.

This really sounds something like a 50 year old successful person is giving a lecture on life, isn’t it? Well to your utter disappointment, I’m neither successful nor so old. I do have realized the importance of knowing the inner-self. This not just only lets you know where you stand in life today but it do also tells you the place you deserve and how you may achieve it.

The journey of knowing your own-self does not start with the bookish method of jotting down your problem area and your strengths, it starts when you adapt a ‘go get it attitude’. If you are a over thinker, then you should have an attitude of indulging yourself in some constructive work so that your body stops you from thinking so much.

Moving out of this lecture mode, I’ll like to step up and talk to my college mates once. We live in a world which is actually too densely covered in competition but this competition is good for all of us. This has given rise to opportunities which once upon a time never used to exist. Even somebody how likes to eat or knows how to cook can be a millionaire today by not even opening a restaurant. You just need to pick up your phone and open an account on Instagram and Twitter. Then, just start posting pictures about different foody things. Within a stimulated period of time you will gain a thousand followers and you are popular. Sounds difficult? ok do you like to click selfies? become a selfie queen on insta by trying out different clothes, use relevant hashtags and become a fashion blogger.

Only a couple of things are required today to be successful, do you know what?  Here they are-

  1. Go get it and go do it attitude
  2. Knowing your true self
  3. Develop what you want to be, and
  4. Sincerity 

The second thing is not so difficult to know, and do you know why? because you just need to do what you like to do when you are sitting with your friends. Some of you might be thinking on how to make a career out of bitching, well if you like to bitch around then you have an idea of how a person reacts and behave which means you know human psychology (lets say that you 10% of it), you may start writing on how different type of people react, what should they do when they are in bla bla situation etc. If you enjoy doing it, you must be knowing on what people like, what people don’t like, things that they hate or love, well a job role of market analyzer seems fit for you if you don’t wanna blog.

Last thing, never underestimate yourself, you are one unique in your own way, just realize it.




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Varul Mayank

Currently pursuing Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication, Varul is an aspiring social media manager and entrepreneur. His passion for the field was developed by way of experimenting and working on various projects in college. However, his first big tryst with the field was when he conducted a national survey on the 2014 General Elections. Next, he designed and promoted his own website and magazine, Eltrivate, for a year. The project became immensely popular by garnering over six lakh hits and 50,000 readers without any paid promotions.

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