They say it is always easier to destroy, than to build. Well obviously, it takes less of an effort. Take a sledgehammer and break the wall and its destroyed . But to build it you need bricks, cement, a certain level of skill set. It’s more of an endeavor. We live in a cynical world. Our hearts are a little darker. Our words a little sharper. Our views pessimistic. But while of course we can use more positivity in the world, some good things can also come from this unprecedented cynicism. Some sort of silver lining. See while we find it easier to criticize something , sometimes this can be incorporated with some humor. Exhibit A the ever popular hashtag trending on Twitter under the title #ExpalinAFilmPlotBadly. The Twitter trend basically call the user to, yes you guessed it right, explain the plot of a film badly. Ruin the story in a few words. A platform to mock some classics and beloved films just because you can. Now before the haters start shouting “Offensive!”, let’s remember this is a form of satire. It’s a joke. Read it, laugh it up and if you don’t find it funny, the roll your eyes and move on. It was never about you any ways. It was about someone sharing something they find funny. It’s not a topic of heated debate. It’s done for fun. And enough with defending popular trends, now let’s dwell in them a little. Now making a film is real hard work and requires tremendous amount of effort. This is no way an insult towards the filmmakers but people just trying to be funny. It tries to show how even the greatest narration’s can simply be ruined if you don’t explain them correctly. Enter #ExpalinFilmPlotBadly. This urges you to find humor in certain situations.

Some of the good once are hilarious

















Just go on Twitter and find the hashtag. And learn to find humor in situations. And if things cause you offence easily grow a thicker skin.




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