It is the city founded by Lord Shiva himself. It is one of the oldest continously inhabited civilizations in the world. It is synonymous with religion and salvation. And now, it is the battleground for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections to come. What better than one of the holiest cities in India to become the platform for the shubAhilya_Ghat_by_the_Ganges,_Varanasiharambh of a new era in the country?


With 80 seats to contribute to the Lok Sabha, Uttar Pradesh is quite easily the most important chance that parties have at forming a government at the center. The politics of the state have always been polarized by regional parties, and placing prime candidates—the dynamic Narendra Modi from BJP and Arvind Kejriwal from AAP—gives a strategic upperhand to both the nationals to gain a stronghold in the state. The presence of Narendra Modi, particularly, has had local politicos scrambling to change their agendas and candidature lists to compete with the goliath. In fact, recent news states that BJP is affirmative that Modi will win by a large margin in the state.


After Modi’s candidacy from Varanasi was announced, Arvind Kejriwal held a rally in the city to let the people decide whether he should contest from the place. Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav also decided to contest from Azamgarh as well, barely kilometers away from Varanasi. Even the Mamta Banerjee led Trinalmool Congress has been in reports for debating whether to put up a candidate in Varanasi to counter the Modi wave.


Varanasi will not only provide political parties a foothold in eastern UP but also in the state of Bihar, thus boosting its imdownloadportance by manifolds. BJP wants to hold up Gujarat as an example and criteria for people to vote for their candidate, thinking that the population of Uttar Pradesh would benefit by their government. Also, the choice of Varanasi is symbolic as it suggests that they might not have shed the blanket of Hindutva completely, thus giving freeway to other parties to gather votes form particular communities.

The Indian National Congress, another giant in the thrice reigned spectrum of Indian politics is yet to put up a candidate from Varanasi. Other competition such as the Bahujan Samaj Party have also decided on their candidates. All is set now for May 16, which will decide whether the city will witness the waving of the hand, the blooming of the lotus or the sweeping of the broom.



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