1.  Getting old Photographs  or letters.

2.  Having a telephonic conversation with your long lost friend. 

3.  Having a long weekend.

4. Going on a vacation with friends. 

5.  Birthday morning flooded with Wishes 


6. Clicking a perfect selfie.


7. A huge discount on your favorite shopping destination.


8. Receiving an Unexpected gift 😛  




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Varul Mayank

Currently pursuing Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication, Varul is an aspiring social media manager and entrepreneur. His passion for the field was developed by way of experimenting and working on various projects in college. However, his first big tryst with the field was when he conducted a national survey on the 2014 General Elections. Next, he designed and promoted his own website and magazine, Eltrivate, for a year. The project became immensely popular by garnering over six lakh hits and 50,000 readers without any paid promotions.

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