1. Romantic eyes

Well although men have eyes too, but there is always something about the twinkle of your lady’s eye when you cracked her up with your cute goofiness! It’s safe to say that the moment those eyes meet yours, the moment is pure magic. The chemistry of Mumtaz and Rajesh Khanna is the proof of the romantic era of 70s. Even DDLJ  fanatics would not forget the PALAT!! PALAT!! Even  the way her eyes light up with fire ,when we call them dumb.” Kajrare naina  of Aishwarya ,still makes us skip a heart beat

Romantic Eye

  1. The Smile

Smile is a  weapon ,you girls use very well . Yeah , sometimes  the smile shocks us and we are like really, is she smiling at me.” We really go in the fantasy ad of Cadbury dairy milk silk chocolate” and realize the very next moment , man its all all real. We are left dumbstruck ,while you are still smiling. Yeah even we get those butterflies.

the smile

  1. Watching the game

When you girls try to watch an EPL or BPL with us and  ask about penalty corners ,we  are automatically attracted to you. If you are a Spain supporter , you have won us already.

Even when you cheer for our team in IPL thrillers.


  1. Bold

Who wouldn’t find a girl sexy who is bold enough to ask for your number, right? Bold does not always mean wearing mini skirts and wooing us.. We even find a girl  wearing saree tremendously sexy . If someone passes a comment at her ,the way she lashes out at them .

  1. Possessiveness

Though we call them 24×7 satellite , but boy when she calls  ,its like someone is their  for you.


  1. Taking decisions

A girl who can take her decisions confidently is a keeper! You don’t always have to decide the restaurant, dinner or the drapes for  your paradise !?Girls can be regarded as melancholy ,always organized and planning everything step by step  .Even when it comes to a relationship . The have the ultimate control over the process of  moving froma friendly  hug to a romantic kiss and  when they  want to get intimate. Lets face it guys ,we are always ready for some sweet dish. 😛

decision making

  1. Concern

Yeah  clingy behavior may give you panic attacks sometimes but its always good to have someone around. Ted and Robin kind of chemistry .When you are all depressed  after a scolding session with Dad over carrer goals and whatsapp pangas .She is the one who supports you  and it feels so much better than the voice notes.


So in the population of billions ,go find a girl and  enjoy the entertainment quotient  offered by her. Having a relationship  is like a full bollywood masala flick  as it has all the ingredients of a blockbuster.


“Jaake jaldi boldo usko ,varna uske walima main firni khate dekhoge”








7 Things Men Find Sexy in a Girl
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