So it is that time of the year again, the much awaited date in the Bengali calendar Bengali New Year or Pôhela Boishakh is on 15th April. It is the first day of the Bengali calendar. The holiday is celebrated in both Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. It is also celebrated in Bengali communities in the other Indian states and wherever the Bengali community exists! But there is more reason why we love it so much…read on!

It is our unique new year

31st December is good but there is something about the month of April, we all just love the way pohela boishak marks a new unique year for us and also the fact that we can celebrate New Year twice a year! Time to call up everyone and ask for elder’s blessings and bless the younger ones with ‘besh onekta aador’!

bong new year

New clothes

It is all about going on a crazy shopping spree, for the women it’s about a light Benarasi saree that makes them look killer (obviously, we are speaking about the goddesses of beauty, hot Bengali women) and for the men it is only and only about wearing that colorful cotton dhuti/paajaama -paanjaabi! Kolkata is one city to be at this time of the year, trust me it is a lot of NSP (Nain Sukh Prapti)…..ahem!

Awesome food

Even if you are not a Bong and still reading this we are sure about your love for the Bengalis and also maybe for the awesome food! We tend to break all our diet promises and maybe also ditch the gym for a day because we are just too busy drooling for the awesome luchi, begun bhaja, aaloor dom, bhaj mugger daal, pulao, kosha mangso, roshogulla, shondesh, pantua, maach bhaja, mishit doi, maacher jhaal, maacher jhol and moreeeeeeeeeee!! Oohh did this just make you hungry? Same here!


Because we know pocchisha boishak is close enough so we are high on Rabindra Sangeet

Pohela Boishak reminds us of our much talked about culture, it reminds us of the fact that we are bongs and we are special. Obviously everyone know about the great rabindra sangeet and we are special to have grown up listening to them Pohela Boishak takes us closer to Pochisha boishak (Rabindra Nath Tagore’s Birthday) and also we begin listening to all the old CDs and DVDs we’ve collected all through our lives, and this reminds us more of our uniqueness.

Because our non-bong friends do not understand the excitement

It’s complete fun to speak about our excitement all the time in front of our non-bong friends who would just give us a poker face trying to figure out what is making us so happy suddenly! We wish ‘Shubho Nobo Borsho’ to everyone we meet more because we get a reason to tell them that it’s the New Year!!


Family get-togethers

In today’s modern urban society families are getting nuclear day by day, but a festival like Pohela Boishak gives us a chance to come together for lots and lots of our popular ‘adda’ , great food, showing off those new clothes, great food and of course for our very emotional outbursts! Pohela boishak is all about colors, bond and relationships….also the mini at-home party!!


It gives us a reason to mark the date for the year’s pujo!

Speak about Bongs, speak about pujo….Pohela boishak gives us just another excuse to start waiting for Durga pujo…and the wait is just awesome!!



7 reasons why Pohela Boishak remains to be every Bengali’s favorite!!
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