School life is a one of its kind phase of your life. Since growing up is inevitable, the permanence of this phase is dismal. But it will always have a mark on you, where ever you go, whatever you do. School is a place where you evolve as a person, it is a place where you enter as a naive individual with jittery steps and when its time to bid adieu, you become a completely different person.

Lucknow has always been abode of the finest schools in the country which only triples the importance of the Alma Mater for the pupil of the city.

We bring to you 5 things every  student who studied in Lucknow will relate to:


Academic Meets a.k.a Inter School Competitions –  Boulevard, Be jewel, Expresions, Crossroads, Quanta and Cofas, Inquesta and the list is endless.

I still remember our practice sessions in school before any of these competitions. We even had a ‘ Zero Period’ dedicated to these practices. If at all you were a part of any of these,  by now  you surely would have been trapped in nostalgia.

Fiest,Socials, Dandiya Night, Meena Bazaar  and Fete– Fiesta and Socials were the two most awaited events hosted by Loreto and La martiniere respectively. Those mini heart attacks you got every time you had to ask someone out. And the irreparable heart breaks when the reply wasn’t in your favour even after 365 days of excruciating labour and spending quite an amount on those fancy internet packs. La martiniere girls’ Meena Bazaar and Study Hall’s Dandiya Night were the two events in which every guy wanted to go, but then hard luck. Open fetes were another treat for eyes.

School Spirit- You dream of Hogwarts while we witness one. The love and attachment we have for our Alma Mater cannot be surpassed.

 Hail! Hail! the name we own, Hail! to the giver;

Blessing and bright renown, Be his forever!

Sing this to a Martinian and he/she will be there at your service anytime, anywhere.

While a  Franciscan would always answer when his Duty shall call.

 In lands both East and West

 Loreto’s name each Loretoite shall rever.


The legacy- Studying in the same school as your parents has a greater probability than that of following their profession. So essentially a doctor’s son may not be a doctor but a martinian’s son has to be a Martinian. Am I right or am I right?

The favourite Hangouts-  Quintessentially all rainy days begin with a cup of tea at Sharma Tea Stall and then a drive to Indira Dam. La martiniere’s Lat and Marine Drive are probably your go to spot when you just want to chat with your friends while enjoying the beautiful sun setting its way down. Cappuccino Blast, Mint, Percussions, Royal Sky were the fancy lounges you used to go to when your pockets were full.

By Maitreyee Misra & Aparna Deb

Here’s a Picture Gallery to bring back your Golden Memories-



Marine Drive Lucknow







Loreto Convent, Lucknow







Credits-Dhruv Saxena






Credits-Prakhar Tripathi Photography



Credits- Prakhar Tripathi Photography

La Martiniere Lat

Cover Picture Credits- Prakhar Tripathi



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