Dear folks, Google has finally started to roll out its best Android OS till date Android Lollipop or so called Android L. 

The Android L will be first rolled out in Nexus devices and then will come to Google Play devices. But whats so special about Android L? Why is it creating so much of buzz in the market? Don’t you people wanna get an answer to your queries?? Check out the Top 5 Android 5 (L, Lollipop) features below.

1. The UI, more materialistic design which is more smooth containing vivid new colours and a completely new design.

2. Notifications- Google has now transformed the notification bar completely and has also added the new notification menu on the lock screen from where you can directly excess the notifications without unlocking your device.

3. Battery Life- Alas! google has finally improved the Battery life in Android L, google claims to have increased the battery life by almost 90mins. Also, its time to get rid of useless battery apps which used to inform us about the charging left and at what time you need to plug in your charger. Google has included it in this edition.

4. Security features are added so that you may use your device even if you have lost it and now you will be able to save your data too.

5. Screen Pining features- Show only what you want to show to other people. Yes now there are modes added in your android which will help you to keep your private data safely.

The video given below will show you and explain the top 5 features of this OS.



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