I have no clue what I’m going to write, I mean I never had a sister in my life nor know what it feels like having one. I’m not much of a finicky person yet I curse my parents a bit for not complimenting my childhood with a sister, maybe some things are totally not in our hands. I have a brother, mostly spent my childhood arguing and playing cricket and chess with (darn, he cheats a lot, still), but still there is something about a girl’s aura that makes you to completely believe her. For such things, who better than a sister to whom you can entrust all your secrets with, says my friends who were blessed with a sibling sister. My jealously, overwhelms every time.
If not for my school and some close family friends, the void of not having a sister would forever be a void itself. Now that I finished my school I miss those days, which now remain as memories forever. Those days, it was much fun. Those stereotype jokes about Raksha Bandhan kept us in splits and scared a few. Most of my classmates, for the obvious reason would sit in the class with ‘I never talk to girls’ attitude only for that specific day. Well please include me in the category too, I was dead scared where my then, ‘special she’ would tie me a rakhi. Obviously nothing worse than your crush calling you ‘BHAIYA’. Life blessed me with few ‘rakhi sisters’, whom till date I can bank upon with all my trust. Somehow it was a genuine feeling about them, still intact. Of course, when I went back home I would flaunt my ‘rakhis’ to my mother. But then there were several girls, who would label me for namesake as brother, worse part is we hardly would have talked in the past. I’m sure it was their insecurity makes them do so. I really wish I could sucker punch them, then and there. Why call some guy, who minds his own business as brother if you actually don’t have such feelings? Please don’t disrespect the relationship, it’s a beautiful one.
One of my ‘rakhi sister’ with whom I grew up with has been of great influence in my life, I didn’t realize much about it until recently she left for hostel for her P.G (maybe every sister has an influence on a guy, through incognito mode), the times we had, the senseless jokes we shared, her limitless chattering and yes, I was her bunny. I would sit and hear her (although she would force me to, most times). We would share some adult jokes, fight for no reason whatsoever, whenever no elder was around, she would punch wherever she wished and I could only pull hair plaits (oh my, loved doing it).
I never liked her crying not for what ever the reason she cried for, she would let her ‘dam of tears’ loose and it meant I had to bear that torture of seeing it. She was hell of a hyper active girl, sometimes I wish I could plaster her mouth but it’s a terrible feeling when she does stops talking, the whole house turns into a graveyard. Dead silence, I could easily bear her crying but not her silence. Now that she’s away for her P.G, my home is nothing short of a graveyard.
Ask a guy who had a sister in his life, he will tell things he was blessed with. Ask a guy who never had a sister, he will tell more things he wished he was blessed with. I dedicate this article it to my special and lovely ‘rakhi’ sisters. You really do fill the ‘sister’ void in my life. Love.



How it Feels to have a Sister
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