What will happen if you return home from office and find 10 unidentified people killing each and every human being in your flat/apartment/colony. Something of the same sort happened with me on the evening of 26/11. Some people from our neighboring country walked over me. When asked they told me that they were students, so my people allowed them to come in and explore the city.

What they did is still fresh in my memory, it is still horrifying as it was on the day of 26/11. The brave people of my city were killed miserably, the security forces could do little to stop them. I don’t believe that my police men were incompatible of handling that attack but they were just not well equipped.

Out of 10 who came, 2 went towards the Nariman point and the other 8 raided the city’s most busy and premier areas. 154 people came back to me, they were killed mercilessly and the other 600 people were wounded. The attack on me lasted for more than 64hours but the neighbouring mother did not even dropped a tear!

Kasab the Man who was caught by my brave security men, told us that he was trained in Pakistan. He also said that the people saw my maps and were familiar with the areas. The terrorist carried a lot of mobile phone devices, through which they were constantly in touch with the people in Pakistan. They were checking out the live proceeding of the news channel so it was quite easy for them to make a plan and send it to Kasab and his Men. The blast and open firing on the media personnel was the result of it. The most terrifying moment was when the most experienced and skilled police men were killed in order to save their brothers and sisters. I almost skipped a beat and a havoc was created in the city, but till then everybody thought that it was just a terrorist attack, ACP’s death changed it all. Now everybody knew and started speculating about 9/11 sort of an attack upon me.

The terrorist did not just killed my children but it also wounded me. I still cry when the events of 26th, 27th and 28th  November flash back in my memory. The security personnel’s research suggest Dawood was also behind it. He called me his Love, his mashubha and what he did to me is totally unacceptable. I would like to ask all of you, will you do this to your love? I trusted the man and gave him shelter in return he gave me bullets, bombs and blood.
Maybe this is the culture of Pakistan!

Since then a lot of things have changed, I have changed!
I am now more careful and investigate the unknown people carefully. My security people both on land and water are now more attentive, special police force team is made for the protection of me. The media has become more responsible and I am really proud of it.
There is one thing really good about my children – we know how to move forward.

I still never sleep, just tend to close my eyes for a second or two, my children are happy and the development is speedy. I am still giving shelter to people, I am still trusting them but this time in return I don’t want blood, bullets and bombs. I want my children to always stay attentive and inform the police about any unusual activity going on in city. To those who feel that I am there love, kindly show me your love. Till date I have seen a lot of Men who loved me. They come and go but do very little for me. I am hoping for a change this time. I hope that you will be the change and a responsible lover, a responsible child and a responsible citizen.
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Your love,





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Varul Mayank

Currently pursuing Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication, Varul is an aspiring social media manager and entrepreneur. His passion for the field was developed by way of experimenting and working on various projects in college. However, his first big tryst with the field was when he conducted a national survey on the 2014 General Elections. Next, he designed and promoted his own website and magazine, Eltrivate, for a year. The project became immensely popular by garnering over six lakh hits and 50,000 readers without any paid promotions.

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