The people of  universe biggest democracy has finally given their mandate to BJP. Narendra Modi is going to be the next Prime minister of India and it would be interesting to see what Congress and other regional party have to comment on this landmark victory.

BJP crosses his hisghest tally of 180+ and gets a clear majority, results are still to be out but the trends shows a clear majority to BJP and a Modi wave in the  country.Narendra-Modi-BJP-Leader-HD-Wallpaper1 Modi wave can be seen everywhere, even in the regions like Kerala and Tamil Nadu where BJP did not exist, have won a couple of seats.

Its after 30years that the people of this country has given a clear mandate to a single party, before this there where high speculations made by the political philosophers that India has moved to a coalition era but now after the several assembly elections and the central elections the people of this country has surprised everybody.

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Varul Mayank

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