A lot of people especially students have the fear of leaving home and living independently. Surely, staying away from the secured embrace of parents can be tough.
Soon enough, the reality hits when you have to cook your own food, wash your own clothes and keep the room/house clean. Also keep a constant check on the expense list. Phew! I’m saying all this by experience. Due to college being too far, I’m not living with my parents.

But friends, I got a family away from my own home. My room-mate was my family, as much as I was for her. The first few days, we took time to decorate the one room flat, adjust to the new independence and also adjust to each other. It surely sounds fun to live with your college best friend, but few days you would surely fight or have mood swings. All in the feather of adjusting. Once you are well adjusted, have located the near by departmental stores, chemists, milk booths, eating hubs; start making plans for the weekend. It can be a movie day in, sleeping day, no-cooking day, cleaning day, movie in theatre, or lunch at a new restaurant.
The relationship between room mates is special bond unlike that of any other. They see you on a constant basis and probably more than anyone else in your life.
So if you are living away on your own and have amazing roomie/s. You’ll be able to relate to following points. Enjoy!

1. Your room mate will never judge you! No matter how long you stay on phone, how dirty you keep your side of the bed. She will never complaint. But beware of the stern looks!



2. You get to share the wardrobe! Who doesn’t want a double wardrobe? -.-


3. Have a person you can instantly hug. Had a bad day? Need a hug? Go and hug your room mate, may be she needs it too.



4. Be a 24*7 muncher and be taken care of.
I eat a lot! I mean it. Every 3 hours I’m hungry. I need something to munch on. My room mate always used to keep the cupboard and the fridge full of food or snacks.
Your room mate will also take care of you when you are not well. They make sure the medicines are available and you do not eat rubbish food. They are your family away from family.


5. There are times when your best friend might be busy and unable to attend your calls or texts. At times, during those hours you have something to share. Don’t sulk away! Grab hold of your room mate’s hand, make them sit face to face. Now you can squeal with delight or shed some tears. You have a listener and an advisor when your friends are busy.


6. Have a shopping partner, foodie partner, study partner all in one.



7. Your room mate is caught up on all your latest dramas, knows your quirks and tendencies and loves you as the person you truly are.

8. You cant even lie about your upset mood because they heard you fighting on phone. And eves dropping is allowed most of the times. Go ahead and tell her what happened in detail over a tub of ice-cream.
9. After the first few weeks, even changing clothes in front of each other is well acceptable. Sounds weird right? But its true!

10.They have seen you without make-up, in loose tracks and messy bun. And she must be in the same state as well.

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11. Getting bored? Create dirtiest, silliest, craziest and creative abusive slangs.
For example. Tum aloo ho!
                     Tum kadoo ho!

12. Having memorable evenings, where  you do cooking experiments and enjoy the flavour of hard work in kitchen.

13. Some days, you do quarrel, avoid talking and stop making eye contacts. But for how long? May be a few hours till anyone of you have something to share.

14. You tend to hate every damn thing in the entire universe when you are PMSing. They have also seen you clutch your belly and weep buckets while you’re at it!

15. Last but not the least. We all need our space and you love it when they’re gone..but how much you miss them when they’re gone.images (1)
All these are tits and bits of my experience with my room mate. I hope, when she reads this, she goes through the memory lane as well. I know, she must be smiling right now!



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