Measurement of every product and step, marketers, and business owners take is necessary, where they don’t go for shadowy figures they work on reliable and relatable data. For many business owners, marketing is a luxury which they afford just with hopes of positive results, the result of investment in marketing is, in many cases unpredictable. The strategy of marketers may do wonders on someday and on others it may fall on its face.

Reliable metrics give you the insight to understand and prepare well for the unpredictable nature of marketing. There are several ways to understand the measurement scales of marketing; you need to learn with these ten marketing strategies.


  1. OVERALL SITE TRAFFIC: Main aim of the website is to get traffic and trends of traffic generation on these are changing drastically. When measuring these sites marketers don’t just focus and rely on the hits and visitors a site gets, but they also focus on the unique visitor’s column. Better the number of individual customers, better is their rating.


  1. TRAFFIC SOURCE: Every marketer wants to know where the traffic is coming from and what particular set of the KEY words bought them, this gives an insight over what keywords and key phrases they should use to generate more traffic. Search engines are still the primary generator of traffic, but marketers can also leverage on other traffic sources that may prove their worth over the period.


  1. BOUNCE RATE: The bounce rate shows the websites what percentage of visitor’s leave their site before further exploring it. For example, if a potential visitor finds the homepage of the website from any source, and leaves the page before clicking any other links, they will be considered to have” bounced” generally. You want bounce rate to be as low as possible because the more time someone spends on the website more likely is their chances to perform some meaningful action. However, a high bounce rate isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


  1. TOTAL CONVERSATION: Number of conversation taking places over the website is necessary for measuring the profitability of the overall marketing efforts. Conversation is always quantifiable victory in the eyes of the marketer. They can measure conversions on the site directly. Marketers can set up a goal in Google Analytics to track their progress.


  1. CUSTOMER RETENTION RATE: This is paramount to the understanding that one-time visitors are right or not. They are not beneficial if you have a product or service. It’s not easy to measure customer retention until websites have a system to do it like subscription, e-commerce, etc. if they have a low retention rate than they have a problem in hand because it’s due to the site’s failure to provide product and service in sync user expectation.


  1. Cost per lead: The success of any digital marketing campaign is dependent on the website and the content that converts website traffic into leads or paying customers at possible minimal costs. Cost Per Lead (CPL) is a metric that defines lead generation ratio to a particular campaign and the corresponding value, giving insight to the business owner or marketer on how profitable their campaign is.
  2. Click through rate: Pay Per Click is the viable source of traffic and can be measured adequately by figuring out the number of clicks PPC ads received by the website by total no of impressions. Every time there is an “impression” on ads, click-through rates (CTR) measures, how many people saw your ads or clicked on them? The higher the CTR, higher the quality of the site. CTR by websites lowers the PPC cost by receiving pricing discounts from Search Engine Marketing Platforms.


  1. Look for new horizons: The mobile internet is proving, and fantastic extension to digital marketing arena as the number of people accessing the internet through smartphones is rising. This growth needs attentions from digital marketers as these platforms can open news horizons for digital expansion. This metric can also provide and insight on how the business owner can structure and plan their content- resulting in better engagement with both mobile and desktop website visitors.
  2. Return of investment: Return on Investment (ROI) of any website is the single most important factor that helps an individual in his marketing campaign because it showcases its profitability. A positive ROI means marketing strategy is very effective while a negative ROI indicates a serious need of adjustment in the policy. To calculate the ROI for the campaign marketer, they need to compare website’s cost per lead against the lead to close ratio and compare that figure against the average customer value.
  3. COST TO ACQUIRE A CUSTOMER (CAC): ROI is calculated by the number of new paying customers for a given period. The cost of acquiring these new customers, on the other hand, is defined by getting the total of your marketing and advertising costs for a particular period divided by how many new paid customers made during that same period. Although calculations may not be that perfect, CAC can give you with good insight on how productive and fruitful the digital marketing campaigns can be.



Regularly checking these metrics provide the marketer with an accurate pulse of the health of their digital marketing campaign. Over time, they’ll be able to refine the tactics, and decide which is the best appropriate strategy, and end up with a steady marketing rhythm that can generate more than enough leads to cover the marketing costs and deliver a significant profit.



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