#1 The weird one

No matter how many months and years you spend with this particular friend, you will somehow never get around to figuring them out. They say weird things, they do weird things, they are downright weird but that is exactly what makes them so special and important in your life. Without them your life would just be a monotonous soap opera and admit it – once in a while you too have joined them in their ‘weird shenanigans’!

#2 The dirty-joke one

They have this inborn talent to make EVERYTHING sound and look dirty. If it weren’t for them, your life wouldn’t be half the fun that it is. The subtle comments that they the pass, their not-so-discreet expressions and their failed attempts at a normal conversation is what makes your day lively. Whether you like it or not, your life is incomplete without them!

       #3 The innocent one

They are the ones who have that perpetual question mark on their faces when it comes to dirty jokes and double meaning talks. And quite naturally, they are the ones to laugh the last IF and WHEN they get the joke. But nevertheless, it is their clueless-ness that makes them so adorable. Or is it? 😉

#4 The retarded one

They are the ones that feature on most of the censored videos that your group of friends swore never to show to anybody. Be it their drunken dances or their almost-maniac-like doings, you’ve seen them all. They are the life of every party and trip. Without them you have to actually brainstorm for sources of entertainment. But there they are, your knight in shining armour …of madness! 😛

#5 The wicked one

Remember every time you got busted or figured out that the chocolate in your bag is missing?! Yes, it was them every single time. They have by now earned the much deserved title of ‘THE prankster’…AND they don’t give up a single opportunity to live up to it!

#6 The gaming-addict

They are the ones that you feel like beating the shit out of, and probably with the same rocket launcher that they use in the games that they play 25 x 7. Yes, that’s how annoying it is. And by now you know the names of all the popular games by heart because of how many times they say it throughout the day. Perhaps, they even fantasize about them. Who knows? 😐

#7 The awesome one

They define awesomeness and you can’t help but wish that you were a bit like them. With everything they say or do, they won’t fail to amaze you. They are the perfect mix of craziness and sanity for everybody to love them. They are your favourite as well as everybody else’s!

#8 The bali ka bakra

You can’t blame them if they have turned into scary paranoid beings. They are the butt of every joke and the victim of every prank. If you keep the pity aside, their reactions are the best and that’s what makes you want to target them again. And being a good sport, they take it all like a martyr. 😛

#9 The wise one

They top all the exams. They know the answer to everything. And yet you can’t figure out when they study! They are the pseudo nerds of the 21st generation who have an inborn talent for knowledge and however cool that might sound, it is NOT when you match your grades with theirs at the time of the results!

#10 The pampered one

They are the babies of the group. They are highly adored by everyone mostly because if puppies were humans, they would look somewhat like them. They are protected and pampered like the ultimate child. If it weren’t for them, the whole concept of collective-group- Awwwws wouldn’t be there. :’)



10 Kinds of Friends we all have!
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