While low budget films made a fortune at box office, high budget films like Mohenjo Daro and Shivaay got crushed. About 90 films with a reputed Production House banner along with them were released in the span of 12 months. A mix of all types of films fell into our bucket when we tried to shortlist the best of 2016. The year can be called a balanced year for the Hindi Film Industry.

Here is the list of BEST 10 BOLLYWOOD FILMS OF 2016-

A universal truth, if it’s a Salman’s film, it will break a few records at the box office. All we pray for is a good film which has some real cinema apart from Bhai becoming a one man army. This trend has changed since his past 2 films, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan.Sultan was the confirmation that Bhai has some convincing acting skills as well. The way he grasped and delivered Haryanvi was adored by all viewers. For an entertainer by Mr. Khan, Sultan is on #10 on our list.
RELEASE DATE: 6 July, 2016
BOX OFFICE: 584 Crores
09. M.S. DHONI- The Untold Story:
The name of this film was enough to make it popular. As the producers invested a whopping 104 crores into this project, the performance of this film at Box Office was very important to keep the career of the actor, Sushant Singh Rajput on track. Not only the film earned more than double at the box office, but also left behind a splendid and memorable performance by the actor. The jersey number is 7 but Dhoni is on #09 on our list.
RELEASE DATE: 30 September, 2016
BOX OFFICE: 215 Crores
This film remains as one of the most underrated Bollywood films of all time. The film garnered huge appreciation from the film festivals across the globe. For the first time it was screened on 4 October, 2015 in Busan in 20th Busan International Film Festival. Aligarh was a bold film talking about LGBT, which is still a sensational topic in a negative way in India. Manoj Vajpayee delivered a sheer class performance, but talking about the box office collections, the film was a FLOP, which is heart breaking as it is not every day when the audience gets to see such class films. Manoj Vajpayee’s performance made us put this film on #08 on our list.
RELEASE DATE: 26 February, 2016
BOX OFFICE: 2.5 Crores

How was your 2016? No matter how good it was, it cannot be better than Akshay’s. Salman Khan, in the show ‘Koffee with Karan’ publically announced that in the last few years, it’s Akshay Kumar who have shown the best personal growth amongst the senior actors whereas he himself, SRK and others were not able to manage that. Well, that’s true and even the box office supports that. Akki gave 3 films in one calendar year grossing above the 100 crore mark. Rustom being one of them, it was an amazingly handled court room drama which was a complete entertainer. Hence, it holds a justified position of #07 on our list.
RELEASE DATE: 12 August, 2016
BOX OFFICE: 216 Crores
This film requires no introduction. The film will be long remembered for the battle between Mr. Anurag Kashyap along with other film producers versus the Chief of Censor Board, Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani. The film is all about the drug abuse amongst the youth in Punjab. Alia Bhatt, made a special mark for herself with this film and her role as Bauria, a Bihari migrant farmer was immensely appreciated. The entire team of Udta Punjab had to undergo the tragedy of the film being leaked on torrent sites a day before its release, but people supported it and the film managed to put a decent figure in the Box Office. After all this, it’s not a surprise that the film bagged #06 position on our list.
RELEASE DATE: 17 June, 2016
BOX OFFICE: 99.7 Crores
No one beats Anurag Kashyap when it’s a noir suspense thriller. Treated in a totally different way, the film is based on real events. The inspiration for this film is a psychotic serial killer named Raman Raghav and the protagonist in the film is inspired by the real life Raman Raghav. Nawazuddin Siddiqui proved himself yet again and Vicky Kaushal’s performance was a declaration that he is ready for any type of role as he had drastically changed his character from Masaan to Raman Raghav 2.0. The film also gave the industry a beautiful and very talented actress Sobhita Dhulipala. Do check out the deleted scenes for this film on YouTube.
RELEASE DATE: 24 June, 2016
BOX OFFICE: 6.8 Crores


The first big release of 2016, and therefore the first film to gross more than 100 crore in 2016 was Airlift. The film’s screenplay was one of its own, which was handled so beautifully and directed so well that the audience could feel as if they are a part of it. Actors like Purab Kohli and Nimrat Kaur were seen on the big screen after a long time. Akshay delivered one of his best performance in Airlift and the audience heart was filled with patriotism after watching the film. The film got what it deserved. Success in the box office and #04 on our list.
RELEASE DATE: 22 January, 2016
BOX OFFICE: 231 Crores
03. PINK:
The whole country was talking about it. No one was expecting such a loaded film, but the buzz begun when the trailer. of Pink was launched. The trailer left behind confused minds. It somewhat showcased rape and then the ladies pleading for acquittal in the court. All the speculations ended when the film released. The success of the film and the support of the audience proved that ‘Pink, the film’ was need of the hour. Speculations were also made that the name ‘Pink’ suggests Feminism, but it was not about it. It was all about accepting the fact that a woman is free to choose when she wants to have a relationship and when not. When the woman says NO, it means NO. ‘Uski Naa main hi uski Haan hai’ is an outdated saying and its time when Indian men get over it. Where Amitabh Bachchan delivered a performance which gave Goosebumps, the other three actors Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari and Andrea Tariang efficiently supported their respective roles. For making us sit on the edge of the chair while watching it, Pink is on #03 on our list.
RELEASE DATE: 16 September, 2016
BOX OFFICE: 107 Crores
Trust me, placing this film on this list was the toughest. 2016 had a beautiful end. Aamir is known for this. Releasing one film in the entire year and stealing away all the limelight. No performance by Aamir surprise the audience, everyone knows what he is capable of. The surprise element in this film was Fatima Sana Shaikh, who played the role of GeetaPhogat. 2016 has given many new faces. Unlike the last 2 wrestling films, Brothers and Sultan, there was no unnecessary drama. Dangal is a once in a lifetime experience. Dangal is yet another Gold in Aamir Khan’s Filmography and #02 on our list.
RELEASE DATE: 23 December, 2016
BOX OFFICE: Not yet declared

‘Why?’ If this is the question that popped in your mind after seeing Kapoor and Sons on this position in our list, you will get your answer by the end of this paragraph. When we talk about Indian Cinema that exists today, we rarely are able to find any piece of fine cinema. The films these days are made with keeping in mind a simple mantra, ‘More the spice in film, more the collection at Box office’. This is also a question to be asked to the Indian Audience, that how films like Bang-Bang and Dhoom 3 earns a fortune and the films like Masaan that tries to bring back the real essence of Indian Cinema gets thrashed away hardly managing to recover the money put in the film.
Kapoor and Sons is a multi-starrer film and the producers had put a decent amount of 35 crores into it. The pressure to perform well for this film was high since the beginning. But hats off to the director Shakun Batra, rather going by the commercial mantra with the film, he chose an experimental way to make it. If I am told to describe this year for Bollywood in one sentence I would say ‘Simplicity can make you stand out’ and with many examples to prove it, Kapoor and Sons is the best of them. On one hand, the film is directed in a very simple narration, and on the other it is full of chaos. A well-controlled chaos. Kapoor and Sons gave us some brilliant performances too. This was a film without any loophole, or we can say a Perfect Film.
RELEASE DATE: 18 March, 2016
BOX OFFICE: 152 Crores

1. Nil Battey Sannata
2. Laal Rang
3. Madaari
1. A Flying Jatt
2. Shivaay
3. Mohenjo-Daro

While we expect 2017 a better year for Bollywood, we wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! See you soon with more reviews next year. Thank you for being a part of Eltrivate Film Review section.



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