Winters are here and so are the vacation!
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Winters are here and so are the vacation!

We have got all friends staying out of the town for studies. But since its holiday time, everyone is home. Does anyone have the Christmas feeling?
Here are 10 ways to enjoy this vacation with your friends….
1. What will be more better than enjoying coffee with your friend and catching up on the lost time!HolidayCoffee

2. Food feels like heaven in winters. All the foodies out there savage the time and go out to Hogg on with your friends.images (4)

3. Have a movie day in. Its chilly and windy out there. So why not get all the quilts out and watch a movie with your (1)

4. Barbecue and bonfire! Plan a terrace party and arrange for snacks to be grilled. Invite your friends over and enjoy good food, great company and fire to heat you up.
5. On christmas go out for midnight mass. It’s an attractive festive feeling. There is christmas prayer, then you get christmas cake and hot coffee!
Plan a party for new year and invite your families. Get lights, music and

6.Since it is not humid and hot outside, go and enjoy some outdoor sports like cricket, badminton.images (2)

7.Long drives and music! Just ditch in for petrol and go on a long drive with your friends, also don’t forget to take along a good collection of songs.
8. Donate old clothes to the needy. These winters collect your old winter clothes and ask your friends do the same and give it away to ones who need it.
9. It’s a nice time to enjoy the sun so go out and explore your own city. It is also a good time to take all the selfies with no sweat to ruin the picture!images (1)

10. Plan a weekend gateway with your friends. It’s a good time to take a break from all the hustle-bustle and forget about work for some time.images (3)



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